About Me



I am a 27-year-old Full-Stack Web Developer from central Scotland. In 2018, I graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

I first became interested in web development during my time at University and have been pursuing it as a career ever since. I take pride in being well organized, meticulous, and motivated. I am always looking to improve myself both professionally and personally, and I welcome new challenges as an opportunity to learn.

I have been working in the industry for four years now, and in that time I have worked on numerous projects involving eCommerce, booking systems, online subscriptions, and events management. Throughout each project I have been responsible for capturing requirements, planning timelines and client communications, as well as ensuring requirements and deadlines are met.

When I’m not doing web stuff, I can often be found hiking around Scotland and visiting some cool places (I even started a blog about it). I’ve also recently gotten into climbing Munros, although I’m still a far cry away from doing all 282.

Film is my other passion in life, I’ll watch pretty much anything (although a line must be drawn somewhere, looking at you Twilight Saga).

My other interests include (but are not limited to):

  • Music (former emo/metal kid whose taste has expanded since my teenage years)
  • Reading, something I’ve definitely developed more of a love for in my twenties
  • Spreadsheets, sounds odd I know but my life is held together by them at this point




Infinite Eye

Full Stack Web Developer

In pursuit of expanding my knowledge and experience, I accepted an opportunity with Infinite Eye, a Glasgow based company who have been operating since 2001. I have been with the company for over three years now and have worked on countless projects that I am very proud of.



Starbit Digital

Full Stack Web Developer

After graduating in 2018, I took a graduate opportunity working for Edinburgh based digital agency Starbit Ltd. For the first 3 months, I received training in various web technologies, namely WordPress & Drupal CMS. I also gained experience developing websites for commercial clients and worked on a variety of different projects spanning eCommerce and data visualization.



University of Strathclyde

1st Class Hons BSc Computer Science

I studied Computer Science at Strathclyde University for 4 years, taking classed in Software Development, Project Management, Computer Security, Digital Forensics, Web Development, App Development, Logic & Algorithms, and Combinatorics. For my dissertation, I built an online learning tool called JavaPractice which allowed first year students to learn and practice programming concepts using a drag-and-drop coding interface.

My Skills



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Knowledge of basic HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS concepts is pretty much a given for any developer, but above this I also keep up with new features and try to implement them into my work. Assuming of course they are supported in all major browsers (looking at you, Safari).

WordPress is the main CMS I work with professionally, as it has been the most popular with clients everywhere I have worked. I’ve been creating custom themes with WordPress since I started out, and I’ve enjoyed integrating with it to get the most out of it’s many features.

Over my time in the industry, I’ve worked on numerous eCommerce projects spanning from basic payment forms to full shop builds with WooCommerce, as well as implementing custom features like recurring subscriptions, wish lists, and gift cards.

Both during my University years and in my working career, I’ve been using Git and Github for pretty much all of the projects I’ve worked on. It’s a great tool for collaboration, as well as keeping track of your changes and logging issues in an organised way. I’ve also recently been using Git deployment which has made publishing updates super simple and fast.

Over the years I’ve gotten used to working with a wide variety of hosting platforms and interfaces, even some pretty obscure (and sometimes ancient) ones for client-hosted sites. This has involved a load of different things like basic server config, moving and deploying sites, making use of access/error logs, as well as some other cool features like using rsync to move files between servers in a flash.

I want to give a special shout-out to jQuery because it’s just about my favourite library. I’ve used it in pretty much every project I’ve ever built to add some cool interactive elements onto pages, and I’m convinced there is no better tool for DOM manipulation.

While I’m predominantly a WordPress developer, I have worked with quite a few other platforms and frameworks in my time. I’ve built full sites in Drupal, made some personal projects in ReactJS and Laravel, dabbled in Shopify themes, and recently built an e-Learning course using Moodle.

The Basics






Other Frameworks

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Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a bit obsessed with being organized, which I take as a compliment. As well as using spreadsheets and databases in my personal life for keeping track of finances etc, I’ve also introduced this into my work. In my current role some of the techniques I use for keeping track of project progress have even been introduced as standard practice across the company.

Documentation is vital, and frankly the idea of having important information stored only in my brain is quite scary. That’s why I keep detailed notes from the very beginning of every project right through to the end. I also built a custom mini-site for my current employer for managing in-house documentation, as well as development resources and “how-to” guides for both clients and new colleagues.

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Tiny Changes

A brand new website for Tiny Changes, a charity aimed at providing support for young people who are struggling with mental health issues.


A modernization and restructuring of the site for the Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research


A fresh and modern site for an exciting new women’s sexual health brand Gloriah


A full site rebuild for MG ALBA, who deliver Gaelic media to audiences across Scotland, the United Kingdom and beyond.

Glasgow City Flats

A modern website for Glasgow City Flats which integrates with the Avantio property management and booking system.

Bowhouse Link

A brand new site for Bowhouse to accommodate their subscription boxes and home delivery service.