About Me

I am a 23-year-old Full-Stack Web Developer from central Scotland. In 2018, I graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

I first became interested in web development during my time at University and have been pursuing it as a career ever since. I take pride in being well organized, meticulous, and motivated. I am always looking to improve myself both professionally and personally, and I welcome new challenges as an opportunity to learn.

My main goal for the future is to further expand my knowledge of web development by learning new technologies and improving my skills. I am keen to work on a range of projects and have a particular interest in both data visualisation and creating exciting and interesting user experiences.


University Projects

2014 - 2018

Throughout my time at University, I worked on a variety of projects spanning different areas of development. I collaborated on web applications like Marathon Club which allowed groups of people who were training for a marathon to track their progress and organize events. I also contributed to a mobile application for a sharing economy that allowed people to trade items that were no longer of use to them.

Dissertation Project

2017 - 2018

For my dissertation, I designed and developed a web application that would allow computing students to improve their skills in Java programming. The app featured a set of practice problems that used a drag and drop coding interface and provided detailed feedback on each segment of the code. I further expanded the app by allowing students to track their progress and join class groups set up by their teachers. I also added a significant feature that allowed teachers to create new problems for their students to solve using a set of problem building templates. I received a First Class grade of 75% for my dissertation.

Starbit Ltd.

2018 - 2019

In October of 2018, I started my first job working for Edinburgh based digital agency Starbit Ltd. For the first 3 months, I received training in various web technologies, namely WordPress & Drupal CMS. I also gained experience developing websites for commercial clients and worked on a variety of different projects spanning eCommerce and data visualization.

Infinite Eye

2019 - Present

In pursuit of expanding my knowledge and experience, I accepted an opportunity with Infinite Eye, a Glasgow based company who have been operating since 2001. I am currently enjoying working on different projects and am looking forward to developing my skills and working with new technologies.


I am experienced with the following technologies:

Drupal 7
VS Code


Glasgow City Flats

Boyd Brothers

Tiny Changes

Reel It In

Molo Hotels

Ingliston Country Club


Scottish Environment Link

Lansdowne Clinic